Recent Belt Promotions



CONGRATS to the new Green, Blue, 3rd Brown and 2nd Brown belts!!
Thanks to Mr. Thompson, Adams, Mohkamkar, Burford, and Davis for being on the board, and the other students who came to help.

CONGRATS to new Green and Blue belts!!   Thanks to Mr. Adams for coming!
THANKS to the brown belts who helped with class, so we could have this test!






Congrats to Olivia, Ryan, Daniel, Pinak, Caleb and Bohdan!
THANKS to the brown and black belts that came to help!!




Congrats to Yavar, Yaran, Michael, Aaron and Alya!
THANKS to Mr. Thompson, Mr. Adams and Mr. Bray for helping on the exam!


Congrats to the new Orange and Green belts!
Thanks to Mr. Thompson and Mark and Aimee Hollon for helping!

Congrats to the new Green belts!
Thanks to Mr. Adams, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Burford for helping!

Grand Masters Yates and Proctor                                                   Grand Master Kurban
Videos from test
Mr Roark received his 5th Degree Black Belt Dec. 13, 2014 at a large exam for higher black belt promotions.
The board was chaired by Grand Master Yates, and filled with other Grand Masters including G.M. Proctor,
and G.M. Roy Kurban, G.M. Royce Young, G.M. Phil Wilemon, G.M. Steve Selby, and others